FULL SATURATION is a collection of slow writing that explores creative practice in a system that has absorbed it. It is for anybody who is interested in the aesthetic dimensions of capitalism, who is working in the arts, or who is participating in cultural changemaking efforts.


Marisa lives and works on unceded Jagera and Turrbal Country in their hometown of Meanjin/Brisbane. Their current practice is concerned with how to artfully navigate contemporary oppressions which affect how our social and material landscapes look and feel. To do so, they draw broadly from aesthetic theory, transformative social change, and therapeutic or spiritual modalities underpinned by qualifications in art and social work. They work holistically across disciplines such as arts and cultural community development, publishing and installation inside and outside institutions, and often collaboratively. They like toolkits, textures, sensory elements, social patternings, personal enquiries and candid conversations that get beneath.


Artist burnout is not a mental health issue - it is a labour issue

Masking as Performance Art in the Contemporary Economy

Thoughts on Artistic Integrity in Body Dreaming



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